Introduction: DIY Computer Spreadsheet Program Template.

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Have a really old computer that will not run the newer operating systems, this is the ticket for old dos systems. Who says you have to have the latest computer to be productive!! I was reading an old CPM (Control program for microcomputers not critical path method)  magazine and they had a short listing of a simple spreadsheet written in an early version of the BASIC (Beginners all purpose instruction code) programming. I thought it was so interesting i just had to use the program. I did try to find the source of Visicalc, but have not been so lucky.  If you know where I can find it, please let me know. Mainly I would love to get kids interested in programming. There is no GUI  (Graphical user interface) so it should run on most any platform.

Note: I am assuming you have done at least a little programming and compiling of code. Picture was taken of the spreadsheet compiled and running natively on Linux. You may also like:

Step 1: The Code.

Originally wrote the code for Qbasic, but the code will compile with freebasic (fbc -lang qb ss.bas). Have compiled this program on both Microsoft (pre W7) and Linux systems.  Use at your own risk. For demonstration purposes only.


Step 2: Have Fun.

Good luck and hope you become the developer of the next office productivity package. I have also done a word processor and a data base that I have given to students for fodder to play with.

Step 3: Extra;

if you want a web based spreadsheet you can always use something like this.
Available at sourceforge

Notice: This download has since been removed from sourceforge.

Found the easy to install precommercial version again at:


Step 4: Spreadsheet Notes for C# and Etc.

Another file I found that shows how you might build a spreadsheet in C#. Have not read it yet.