Introduction: DIY Cornstarch Clay Accesories From Scratch!!

Hi my DIYlovers!

As most of you liked the donuts necklace I did in one of my past videos, I decided to make one video about homemade clay accessories and show you two more design using this technique.

This clay is made from really cheap ingredients that are:

-Regular white glue
-Some oil
-Some Vaseline

I mixed three teaspoons of glue with three teaspoons of cornstarch, a little bit of Vaseline and a little bit of oil, and I mix them together until I got a sticky texture.
Then I put it in a pot with hot water and keep it there for more or less 5 minutes, until the clay hardens and sticks to itself and the spoon.

Then I kneaded  it until it was completely cooled down and I started making my figures.

For the little octopus the first thing you will need to do is a ball. Then make another eight smaller balls and attach them to the side of the bigger ball. Use your fingers to give them a more triangular shape. As they can be a little bit loose I made a flat circle and attach it to the bottom part of the figure. Then, I made a little hook so I could hang it later.

For the little owl make a bean shape and make two pointy ears.
Then let them dry for more or less three days.

To paint them I used nail polish but you can use acrylic paint too. Mix colours to get the shade you want and start painting. Use a toothpick for the details and remember to start small and go back and forth until you get what you want.

For the little octopus I decided to make a cute kawaii face.
If the paint is too shear you will need to give more than one coat.
For the owl I made two pink wings on the sides, big white eyes and also a cute kawaii face.

To finish the accessories I glue a ring to the owl, and attach the octopus to a chain.

And that's it! As you see this accessories are super cheap and simple so try to make some! And if you do don't forget to tweet me a picture at @diylover89.

I hope you had fun and thanks for watching!