Introduction: DIY Dart Blowgun and Darts

First of a all don't shoot this at any human or animal it will cause severe injuries. This is meant only to be used for shooting at targets for enjoyment not hunting. I will not be responsible for any injuries or damages caused by misuse of this or any accident caused by this. Use at your own risk. This Instructable shows a fast easy way to make a fun blowgun with little materials in under a half hour that will actually stick into wood . The one I made cost me nothing at all. 

Step 1: Materials

This should be simple
1. Duct tape
2. A pipe, the longer and skinnier the better
3. Some framing nails, 2-3"
4. A Dremel with a grinding tip or a file or any kind of sharpening tool (this is optional)
5. scissors

Step 2: The Pipe

You don't need anything special I just use a piece of pvc conduit pipe I found laying around. Like I said a longer one work better but I'd keep it under 10'. The pipe you should make has no obstructions or dirt inside it. Besides that you leave it as is for the rest.

Step 3: The Dart

First you need to find some nails laying around. You then take your duct tape and wrap it around the end of your nail in a large cone shape. You will want to put enough into the cone that it is kind of stiff but still a little flexible. Next take your scissors and cut the cone down so it is just barely wider than your pipe. And there is your dart. You can try experimenting with different materials to make the cone out of or make it longer or shorter. I'm sure you can find a better way than with duct tape, but everyone has duct tape so that's what I used.

Step 4: Sharpening (optional)

This step is optional, however it does make it  stick in to wood or other materials better. Take your dart and make sure it is fastened securely. And of course use safety glasses when grinding. Take the Dremel or file and just grind it down until the nail has more of a point instead of the usual bluntish tip.

Step 5: Shooting

Take your nail dart and put it in the pipe. If you made it correctly it should be just barely larger than the pipe so just push it in and it will squish to the perfect size an.d make a semi-air-tight seal. You then put your mouth on the end point it at something and blow as hard as you can. After  a few tries it will stick into wood almost a centimeter and shatter lightbulbs. Have fun!

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