Introduction: DIY Dog Bag Dispenser

Dogs are cute. But dogs poop. And nobody feels cute when they step in dog poop!

Or when your dog finds old poop and then rolls in it, or even worse, eats it, then pukes it - usually on your bed.

So really, it's easier to just pick up the poop. It's good for you, and for your dog, as well as everyone else and their dogs. This is my campaign for the no more-smelly-poop-shoes Spring of 2014!

And if you've ever wanted a dispenser for your spool of dog bags that isn't shaped like a giant grey bone, here are my instructions on how to make your own dog bag dispenser using common household items.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • Thin cardboard (like from a cereal box)
  • Print-out of this template
  • Plastic drinking straw, cut down to 2 5/8" length
  • One large or two smaller rubber bands
  • An approx. 10" length of string
  • Paper clip
  • Small craft knife
  • 1/4" hollow punch and mallet (or can cut with craft knife)
  • material to cover the cardboard with, spray adhesive; and
  • A roll of dog waste bags

Step 2: Spool Assembly

  1. Take your paper clip and bend it as shown (straight with a hook at the end). Use this to thread the rubber band(s) through your straw (that's been cut down to the length of the bag spool - 2 5/8" in my case)
  2. If you're using two shorter rubber bands, you'll need to connect them. I joined my two rubber bands together using what's apparently called a "cow hitch", and here is an illustration of how to make one.
  3. To keep your rubber bands from slipping out of the straw, make a small (1/4") slit in the side of the straw at each end. Tie a knot on each end at the point where it comes out, and slide it into the slots you just made, as shown.

Step 3: Make the Dispenser

  1. Cut your template out of cardboard, punching/cutting holes where marked. *note the oblong-shaped bar with dots on my template is a remnant from a previous design that I ended up discarding. Now that I've brought it to your attention, please ignore it.
  2. Slide your bags onto the straw spool you made, and then thread first bag through the star-shaped hole, as shown (like starting a tissue box).
  3. Place the roll in the dispenser and thread the ends of the straw/rubber band through the holes on either end. Like installing a roll of toilet paper.
  4. Tie a string for the handle, and slide it over the side as shown.
  5. Once you close the dispenser, stretch the rubber bands over the length of the spool to hold it closed.
  6. I used a binder clip to attach my new dog bag dispenser to the leash, because it's what was handy at the time. However, after several uses, I realize it's easily knocked off if you hit the clip just right. A safety pin, carabiner, or even just a plain old knot would all be more secure.

Step 4: Go Answer Nature's Call

The only thing left is to try it out!

Your dog's digestive system may or may not generate new poo, but waste bags also work great for picking up litter and garbage, so go out there and clean up those thawed hot dogs from last year's end-of-summer BBQ!

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