Introduction: DIY Ear Muffs With Headphones! Easy & Affordable

Hi guys!! Today I bring you this super cool DIY that will keep you warm this winter: ear muffs! And I decided to incorporate some headphones so you can bring your music with you even if it’s super cold!

You will need: some headphones, a hair band, some furry fabric and some stuffing and felt.

Start off by making 4 circles on the wrong side of the furry fabric. You can use an old pair of earmuffs to measure the size and use a glass to make the circles. Cut them out leaving one cm of seam allowance.

Then take your headphones and take out the ear pad. Then look carefully to the headphone and figure out how to remove the speaker part. All headphones are different so take your time so you don’t damage the speaker or the wire. I thought it would be harder but it was actually pretty easy.

Take 2 of your fabric circles and place the speakers in the middle facing down. Once you decide the position glue them down with a little bit of strong glue.
Now take the other two circles, place them under the others right sides together and sew or glue them together in a C shape leaving two gaps; a small one at the top and a big one at the bottom.
As an optional step and to protect the speakers I glue down some felt circles.

Now it’s time to carefully turn the earmuffs inside out. Use the bottom gap for this and also to stuff the earmuffs a little bit, but don’t put too much stuffing or they will look very bulky.
Then use the gaps at the top to place the headband and make sure to try it on several times before you glue it down. And of course make sure that the parts that have the speakers stay on the inside.
Finally sew the bottom gap shut an make sure you don’t poke through the wire.

And that’s it! You will have your DIY earmuffs for the winter time! I really like how these ones turned out and I’m so looking forward to wear then in the colder months.

I hope you liked this video, don’t forget to thumbs up and share it if you did and have fun making your own diy earmuffs. As you see it was really easy and trust me they are a lot less expensive than buying them in a store. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my next DIY videos and thanks for watching!