Introduction: DIY Eco Friendly Cardboard Ball for Cat

This is a simple project, it only need few pieces of cardboard and glue. Your cat will love this cardboard toy.

Step 1: What You Need

- 2mm thick cardboad
- glue
- scissors
- compass

Step 2: The Template

First, you draw out your circle at the size you want. Then divided it into layers, each layer has the thickness of your cardboard.
After that, measure the length radius of each circle you're about to draw

Step 3: Make the Sphere

Cut out each circle and glue it correctly. At first it doesn't look like a sphere but as it does, it will.You can put a heavy object on to let the glue set.
When you complete, you might need to squeeze it a little to make it look more like a sphere

Step 4: Let Your Cat Play

The title say it all!

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