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Introduction: DIY Folding Mattress Box

Please forgive me as this is my first instructable, thank you :)

After spending hours searching the internet, the only thing i found was how to build a platform for a mattress to sit on the floor. Saw a lot of cool ideas but none for replacing the absolute crap i had for a box spring. i have a bed already, needed a reliable box, something permanent. on top of that i have to be able to transport it a lot and get it around tight corners.

all dimensions are for my queen sized bed. all common dimensions are available on the internet, however make sure you measure your own bed several times to determine exactly what the dimensions should be for yours.

yes i fudged mine twice before i got it right. this is my success story lol.

if you have questions, can likely answer them.

thanks for checking out my creation and good luck on yours!

Step 1: Collecting Materials

sorry no picture for items...

for this box, i used:

18 cuts of 8"x1" untreated pine @ 39" (true measure is 7.25"x.75" board)

4 cuts of 8"x1" untreated pine @ 58"

4 hinges

8x corner braces

32x #32 1.5" bolts and nuts

32x small washers

64x 1.5" wood screws

7/64" drill bit

11/64" drill bit


phillips/flat screw driver(or bits for drill)

socket wrench for the bolts

existing slats in bed frame

Step 2: Build the Frame

ok so i put the 39" boards on the ends of the 58" boards.

pilot 2 holes for the wood screws with the 7/64" bit into the top of the 39" into the end of the 58".

secure with 2 wood screws.

repeat on the other end of the 39" to another 60"

repeat again on the opposite end.

Step 3: Secure the Frame

here i used the corner brackets and the bolts.

position bracket in corner, mark holes for drilling.

remove bracket

use 11/64" bit to drill your marks

use washer for head of bolt, push through and secure bracket with nut

repeat for all holes and corners

Step 4: Add the Top Planks

here i used 7x 39" planks to complete the platform

position one plank on each end of box so that there isnt anything hanging over the edge

pilot 2 holes with the 7/64" bit on each end at the 39" plank

secure with 2 wood screws at each end

repeat on opposite end of box

position remaining 5 planks evenly across box

pilot 2 holes over 58" sides and secure on both sides.

ta-da! first box complete. repeat steps 2-4 to complete second box

Step 5: Attach the Hinges

turn up both boxes on the long edge with bottomes together

line up hinges on edges to minimize the gap but keeping the gap for the actual hinge

your new folding mattress box is now ready for operation!

Step 6: Sweet Sweet Sleep

unfold your creation onto your existing slats

cover with anything you like

add mattress and enjoy!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome!! I just bought on one of those mattress stores they have down and that organic mattress store here where I live in San Antonio. The box springs were so expensive though, I didn't think it was worth it at all. this seems like a fun project.


    7 years ago

    Nice work! You could also use a router to round the sharp edges and get rid of the pointy corners...


    7 years ago

    That is much cheaper than buying a box spring. In fact I have seen extra firm box springs that are just wood boxes nearly identical to what you have made minus the super awesome folding ability.

    One suggestion would be to upholster the sides of the box. I would put some quilt batting to give it a little plush and the any fabric that works with your current bedroom theme. A hand-held staple gun would make quick work of it and it would be more tidy than a bed skirt. Also if you wanted change you could still use a skirt.

    Great first ible


    7 years ago


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, nice solution! Your mattress box looks like it turned out very nice! Plus it's pretty portable if needed, which is an awesome feature.