Introduction: DIY Glow in the Dark Frame

These sheets are one of the most cool accesories for blue (445nm) and mainly bluray (405nm). These consist from some kind of fluorescent surface and they make some very interesting effects.
Yes, you can buy one online, but how about Doing It Yourself and having some fun? Well, let's start!

Step 1: Materials

You need only 2 things:
- any frame that you like
- and GITD window paint (any kind will work)
Total cost for me was about 3€.
Be creative, you can use literally ANY frame of ANY size...

Step 2: Secure the Back Side

I recommend to do this, so that no paint goes to the gap between the glass and frame

Step 3: Start Applying the Paint

Place it on some hard surface and start applying the paint. You want about 1-2mm thick layer of the paint.

Step 4: Level It

Use some piece of plastic to level it . Try to make it as good as you can.

When you are done, let it to dry (this takes about 8-10 hours)

Step 5: Clean It Up

Once it's dry, remove the glass from the frame, clean the frame from any leftover paint and put the glass back in. I recommend to put it in with the paint side facing inside, so it will be easy to clean from dust etc.

Step 6: Finished!