DIY Guitar Wall Hanger From Wood

Introduction: DIY Guitar Wall Hanger From Wood

Build your own guitar wall hanger from an old piece of wood 

Step 1: The Materials

Material list:

For the wall hang:
- a piece of long board ( about a meter is enough )
- 2 small shelf bracket 
- some screws
- 2 small pieces of metal (i used an old army can opener)

For the silencer extension: 
- another piece of wood 
- a long strap of metal ( i find mine from an old lamp)
- a piece of insulator foam (or any other foam as long as it "foamy")

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

It really up to you and your guitar...

I cut the main board to have just enough length so it will have character and not too much so it wont cover the entire wall.

The second board needs to be cut with a u shape in middle.
The width of the cut is the width of the guitar head, and the height needs to be long enough so the guitar won't fall....
I uses these dimension's:
10 by 20 cm for the wall board
15cm to the hanger height
with 5.5cm on 10cm for the u shape 

Step 3: Connecting the Pieces

Attach the 2 shelf bracket to the hanger wood.

on the other side screw the two small metal plates , try keeping the external hole in the same height.

if you too hate it when your hanging acoustic guitar catches loud noises and echo when some one speak loudly.

Build the silencer as well  

Just cut another piece of wood and glue a piece of foam to its end.
use the long metal strap to connect the two pieces together.

make sure you have enough space between the two pieces so it will reach the strings.

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