DIY: How to Make a Notebook

Introduction: DIY: How to Make a Notebook

I am kind of an notebook freak, I love to write and draw, so i can never have too many notebooks. I recently saw this cloth covered notebook, and thought "I could do that!". Here is the instructable that came from that.

It's really easy and very fun. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

The materials you'll need are:

1. cardboard (I used old cereal boxes)
2. duct tape
3. scissors
4. paper (I used about 50 pages)
5. a drill with a small bit
6. string and/or thread

Step 2: Folding the Paper

Now you should take paper and fold it in half. Then make three marks in the middle of the crease.

Take your drill and drill a hole on each of these three marks. Be sure to clamp down the paper so the holes stay aligned.

Step 3: Making the Cover

Step one: cut out two pieces of cardboard, you'll want to have about a half an inch of space around the edges. (see pic. one)

Step two: take your duct tape and tape the seam together. remember: edge to edge, not on top of one another.

Step three: reinforce the sides. concentrating on the corners. (see pic. 3 and 4)

Step four: draw three dots in the middle of the duct tape seam. drill through these holes.

Step five: (optional) cut a piece of fabric with about a half an inch extra all around. staple or sew to the inside of the sides and outside of seam.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Line up the holes in the cover and paper. Thread your string though these holes. Tying them whenever necessary.

(optional) add some extra string to the visible string you just threaded though. This will be useful in holding the notebook closed.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    What way should the string be threaded? Please add a diagram of how to thread the string through the pages and cover.