Introduction: DIY Kids Palette Bed XXL Upgrade

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Last few months I've been thinking what to do because my kid overgrow his standard size (120x60cm) crib but he is still to small for his own full size bed. So while I was working on my family palette bed it just came to me: hey, standard palette size is the same as the crib's inner dimensions - I should make it retractable! And this "creature" was born: XXL crib/bed  :)

- electrical sander(s)
- drill
- paint brush
- sand paper

- 1 x wooden standard size palettes (in EU its 120 x 80 x 14.5 cm)
- about 0.75l of paint 
- 4 really strong bolts
- 4 side wheels (I recycled mine from an old Pampers storage box)

After you sand and paint the palette and remove front panel of the crib,  it's just a matter of aligning both levels - I was really lucky that everything "clicked" right from the start: the height of the both mattresses, the wheels diameter, the crib height,...(I really didn't made any measuring before :D ). Also, because of the perfect fit measurements, palette will slide under the bed easily.

Be careful when drilling the holes for the screws - I did not got them right in 90° so the wheels went a bit off the axis...Also choose the crews which have some "empty" space between the hed and the screw part - that is how your wheels will spin easier. 

Only thing I need to do is to put another thin mattress over those two - to avoid that middle bump, so everything will be flat and comfortable ;)

Hope you like it. Geek on!