Introduction: DIY Light Saber For

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 Light Saber is retailing at s$49 in the department mall ,OG for $49.90. Replica's can be sourced at  $8.90 from tom&stepanie, but the make is really flimsy. 

Here is my how-to's to get a light saber done in 3hours with parts sourced from Singapore.

Step 1: Stuffs You Will Need

 you will need 
1x LED strip (s$15 from Sim Lim Tower, SG)
1x acrylic tube (15mm diameter)
1x toy light saber (only the handle is needed)
1x tracing paper for diffusing the light
1x plastic film (blue) as the colour filter 

Step 2: Ver1 (low-fi)

Drill holes on the acrylic tube to attached emptied solder coil holder. This will give the handle (a low-fi ver).

I have attached a pot to simulate strong/weak force.

Step 3: Ver2 Nicer Handle and Blue Colour Light Saber

 you will need items as listed in the picture

Step 4: Modify the Toy Light Saber

 1. Unscrew toy light saber handle
2. Retrieved the goodies for later use.
3. Cut excess plastic in the cavity to make way for 9v battery, acrylic tube mount and switch

Note: this toy come with a very cheeeeeesy sound and not worth a mention here!

Step 5: Assembling the Handle

Wire all items in series as per diagram below. Test the lighting of the blade. Mount blade and handle together.

  |-----------------------------o \------------|
_|__  9v                                             LEDs
  --                                                         |
 1. drill 2x holes on the sable where it matches the hole on the acrylic tube.
2. insert bolt and nut to secure the blade and handle
3. put back all screws that was taken out during dissembling. 

Step 6: Have Fun

 Overall still playable.
Some dark spots on LEDs in the strip that are dead from light saber fighting.