Introduction: DIY Light Up Idea/ Light Bulb

This Light up Lightbulb is a super cute b-day gift! It's really easy to make, and super original. YAY!

Step 1: Cutting

First, lay your two pieces of felt one on top of the other. draw the "lightbulb" shape onto the top piece of paper. Cut the shape out, making sure to keep both the pieces of felt together. This will make both the halves the same size.

Step 2: Electronic Prep.

get two LEDs and find the positive side. mark the positive side with a sharpie, and color of your choice. Get some needlenose pliers, and curl the LED wires so you can sew them on. Put your battery in a battery holder, and get out your conductive thread.

Step 3: Sew Your Led

put your needle through one end of the battery holder and sew the planned circuit (shown above) connecting the LEDs to the battery.

Step 4: Finishing

sew the other half onto the working lightbulb half and stuff it. YAY!