Introduction: DIY Marimo Ball Habitat Tank!

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whoever has marimo probably knows that they come from dark, cold rivers that are constantly moving them.
i wanted to recreate that habitat for my marimo to keep them as healthy as possible.
here is a VERY easy way to make the tank.
ITEMS for need:
All Living Things Critter tote in size small, it looks like a cricket keeper.
waterfall moter, I took apart my broke desktop fishtank from thinkgeek and used that.
5 volt cord, if you are using the desktop aquarium moter, change for a different moter.
big pebbles
hot glue

Step 1: Dremel a Hole in the Critter Keeper.

dremel the hole  just big enough to put the wire through.
(have an adult do this)

Step 2: Hot Glue the Hole With the Cord

make sure you glue it good. on both the inside and outside.
(have an adult do this)

Step 3: Check for Leaks

check the container for leaks for  by putting water in it a couple of times.

Step 4: Add Pebbles , Water and Marimo

add the pebbles,water  and marimo.

Step 5: Watch It Go!

(I had to separate the video into ten second, movie maker was not working)

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