Introduction: D.I.Y. Model Rocket for Beginers

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This is my first instructable. I am going to try and keep it short and simple. Hope you like it.
I have had a model rocket for many years but recently two of my friends showed me a model rocket that they had made (which was really good) but it made me think that it does not cost much ($5-$30) and i could probably make one to but slightly less good. And that is the reason this instructable was made.

the tools are not expensive but buy a dremel (or some thing like it) will give a nicer finish
hack saw
PVC primer (get the pressure stuff because some part will be under stress)
PVC cement  ("same as above")
permanent marker

most if not all things in this rocket can be found lying around the house
X 30 Cm of 25 mm PVC pipe
X 15 Cm of 90 mm PVC pipe
X 12 Cm of 15 mm PVC pipe
X 1 20mm PVC cap
X 1 plastic soft drink bottle
X 5 or so rubber bands
X 1 plastic straw
X 1 C sized motor
X 1 plastic rubbish bag
X 50 cm worth of string
x 1 thing of wadding

This is only to make the rocket not the launch pad or ignition system.
Both can be bought or made dirt cheap!

Step 1: The Body

The Body:
Cut the 25mm pipe to a length of 30cm, and make X4 12 cm, this is where the fins and motor will fit.

Step 2: Fins & Motor Mount

Motor Mount:
quite simply make 4 cuts on the 12cm long 15mm PVC pipe. Three 8cm long and on from one end to the other at right angles.

For the fins get a 12 cm long 90mm wide bit of PVC and cut it into quarters (length ways), this will do for 8 fins but you only need 4.
then cut 2 of the quarter sections from corner to corner

Gluing the fins to the motor mount:
This is probably the trickiest step.
In-between the cuts glue (use the primer first then the glue) one at a time at right angles in between the cuts whit about fifteen minute intervals in between gluing each fin.
This may require you sitting there for a while until it sets but be willing to take a while.
And be warned the glue stinks heaps.

Step 3: Nose Cone (sort Of)

The Nose Cone:
This is one of the most simple steps in the whole instructable.

Simply cut of the top bit of a soft drink bottle,make sure to keep the little lip bit
Then use the PVC cement to glue the bottle screw bit to the 15mm cap, it should look some thing like the photos.

Step 4: Finishing Touches (this in Cludes the Parachute)

Get the rubbish bag and cut it into  a 40 cm by 40 cm square and attach a string to each corner and on one corner attach a second string.

Attaching the parachute:
Attach the 4 strings to the inside of the rocket's body and the leftover on to the inside of the "nose cone".

The straws:
Cut the straw in half and and glue (silicone glue will work and is not noticible if you dont want to paint it) them on the side of the rocket.
Make sure that they line up!!!

Paint it (optional)
Spray paint it if you want or if you muck up with the glue.