DIY Motorcycle Over Pants

Introduction: DIY Motorcycle Over Pants

These over pants are great when it's cold, they can go over your regular pants or jeans. Or if you are in shorts and you need to make a quick trip to the store or just a short ride.
You can pay $100 plus for motorcycle jeans, or if you have some knowledge is sawing you can make them yourself.

I was in need of motorcycle over pants, in the mornings when it's cold I was riding with my nurse uniforms and they are thin.
So Ii looked for motorcycle over pants and they were pricy, so I decided to look for a tutorial or DIY but no luck.
And I decided to make one myself, to see how it turn out.
So here it is the tutorial on how to DIY motorcycle pants.

This is so cool because you can put or take off so ease, and you can still put your shin guards underneath.

Now that I know how to do it I'll get a nice Jeans and make me a brand name motorcycle over pants.

Enjoy the video and I hope it helps.

Ride safe.

Now if you want to integrate the knee pads you can create a pocket like inside the knee area, and insert the knee pads and there you go. to make it even better you can but the hip protector armor and you have full armor over pants. (knee pads are $10 at Cyclegear. buy 2 and you can make it into a hip protector just cut it in half and use the lower part for the hip.

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    5 years ago

    While the idea is good, I don't know how much I would trust this for protection. It's a pity that purpose built technical fabric isn't easier to get.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have been an EMT for several years and work in ER. My uniform as an EMT consisted of boots and BDU thick EMT pants. I graduate RN school in may. I HATE SCRUBS!!! Excellent idea.