Introduction: DIY Neon Fuses

About: I'm an electronic engineering student. I don't usually have much spare time but I like to work on random projects to keep myself entertained. I hope you like them!

Make some neon style lamps with old fuses and LED's.

You will need:

-Fuses (the ones with holes in their caps).
-A tin solder.
-Thin copper wire.
-A highlight marker.
-Sand paper.

Step 1:

Remove the caps of the fuse, you can do this by heating them with a lighter, the glue will melt allowing you to remove the caps, you might need to clean it later.

Due the lack of pictures in this one the LED has been already placed.

Step 2:

Proceed to install the LED, I used a conventional white LED, but you can use whatever you like as long as it fits.

To make it fit I sanded the LED reducing it's size at maximum, then I cut a leg making the other one longer in comparation, before placing the LED I welded a thin copper wire to the short leg, then I insert the long leg into the hole of the cap and with some tin I weld it to it. 
You might want to use some paper to hold the led in the correct position until it's welded to avoid future short circuts.

Step 3:

When the led is placed, put back on the glass tube using epoxy, to make sure light disperses  homogeneously I inserted some paper painted with a highlight marker, pass the copper wire that previously was attached to one of the legs through the hole of the second cap and let it rest so te epoxy dries.

When it's dry tin weld it so It doesn't moves and sand the excess of tin.