Introduction: DIY Paint Shelves

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Hello Lovely people,

(I appologize, the head crab is on its way, but I made this today really quick and easy likes so I thought I'd post it)

this is a very inexpensive and relatively quick project.

I play war hammer 40K and I paint models etc, I was getting annoyed at my paints just kicking about and not having a home so I decided that it was time to make things.

I went to the dollarstore and grabbed a few supplies i think it costed me a total of $13 to build this.

my paints have a home , and it's pretty/ decorative, they can be hung up or placed on a bookshelf , or stackable and can be neatly placed in a pile

Step 1: Step 1: Assemble the Ingredients !!

what you need:

a few baskets that are the same size or different sizes (depending on how you want to decorate )

- 3-4 baskets

-3-4 (8 1/2 '' x 11'') painter's canvases


- exacto knife

- cutting board/ board you don't care about cutting up

- hot glue gun/ hot glue gun sticks

- popsicle stick

Step 2: Step 2: Make the Shelves

a) unwrap canvas ( see pic 1)

b) measure the depth of basket

c) draw the shelves (you can fit 3 of 2.5'' wide shelves on one of the canvases ) (3 shelves per canvas)
Note: if your baskets are angled on the inside you'll have to draw an angle (see pic 2)

d) cut out the shelves on a cutting board, with exacto knife (see pic 3)

Note: when you fit the shelves in the location you may need to cut or shave edges so it'll fit

e) put in your paints and loosely put in shelves and mark where it will sit with a pencil (see pic 4 )

f) paint the shelves (brown) (see pic 5)

g) glue the shelves in place

h) put in pants and enjoy :) .(see pic 6)

Note to hang them you'll have to add a loop or frame hanger .. i'll add this step when i get around to doing it