Introduction: DIY Phone Stand - Made on Board Flight

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Make your phone stand in sky(just being poetic in saying made on board flight).

Not always are you offered with awesome in-flight entertainment. You'd rather want to watch something from your phone and watch it hands-free.

Here is an instructable that helps you with the hands-free part.

First of all, The resources at your disposal are limited. The scissors, lights, matchbox, swiss-knife and shotgun would have been dumped at the security check point. So, lets make the most of what is available.

Step 1: Air Sickness Bag & Cup of Water

Fish into the seat pocket for the Air Sickness Bag. Look for it frantically in case you want to freak you co-passenger.

Ask for a cup of water from the cabin attendant and gulp it down.

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Draw a circle with the cup's rim on the top end of the paper. Don't expect your co-passenger to lend a pen. Toying around with Air Sickness Bag means you are on your own.

Step 3: Tear Out the Circle

Fold the paper along the circle diametre and tear out a circle that's about 3mm less in dia, large enough for the cup to pass through the hole.

Step 4: Insert the Cup

Insert the cup through the hole and ensure the rim does not pass through.

Step 5: 'M' Shaped Fold

Make an 'M' shaped fold about 3cm from the cup. Fold the last flap backwards.

Step 6: Place the Phone Between the Ridge and the Cup

You have yourself a phone stand made completely with materials on board.

Step 7: Watch Your Favourite Show

Also look for the relief on the co-passenger's face.

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