Introduction: DIY Projection Screen

After finding a nice cheap LCD projector I needed a decent projection screen. Here's how I made mine.

Step 1: The Frame and Fabric.

I decided to recycle some lightweight PVC I made a banner stand with a few years ago I didn't need anymore. After assessing the parts I had to play with, I decided on a good large size with roughly a 4:3 aspect ratio. The pieces in white were the only ones I needed to buy new. I also wanted it to be able to break into two pieces for when I move, so there is one half shaped like a square, and another shaped like a "C".

As for the screen material, I went down to Johannes fabric and looked around for the brightest, shiniest fabric I could find. Surprisingly it was the back side of some terrible gold pleather.

Step 2: Tie 'er Down.

The fastest and best way I could think of to hold the fabric tight and straight is to tie it down like a drum. I cut little slits every 2.5 inches or so with a razor, then wound string around the pipe and through the holes. I drilled holes in the corners to anchor the string.

Step 3: Ceiling Attachment

I opted for something more temporary since I change my mind way too much for my own good. The two top points are able to swivel, allowing the screen to be lifted and locked in an upward position. I have a crappy florescent light in the ceiling which I made hooks attach to.

Step 4: Conclusion

All in all, the screen came out really great considering I only spent about $10 on it, plus the recycled parts. It's a vast improvement over the sheet I was projecting on previously.

FYI: it may seem like one side of the screen is longer, but it's not, the projector is just slightly off angle at the time of taking the photos.