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Introduction: DIY Recycled Laptop Cooler

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I had a small problem with my laptop it was getting to hot and shutting down.

So I realised I would need to get a laptop cooling pad, I had a look around and they where not cheap.

Then I remembered I had a heap of small 24 Vdc fans and a couple of power supply's that will do the job.

So I dug them out to see what size they where, I worked out I would be able to use 3 of them, so the next steep was to come up with a way of holding them in place.

I worked out a couple of ideas in V carve pro.

What I came up with as you can see is two pieces of recycled time I had lying around, I cut 3 pockets for the fans to fit into, with holes that are the same size as the fan blades, both pieces of timber are mirrored so the fans have a tight fit and this makes the wood clamp together nicely.

I added some bolts to make sure it stays together.

Step 1: Get Supply's

3 24 VDC fans

4 pieces of timber

1 x 400 mm x 260 mm x 18 mm (top)

1 x 400 mm x 260 mm x 9 mm (bottom)

1 x 400 mm x 260 mm x 4.25 mm (optional cover)

1x 400 mm x 30 x 30 optional for putting the cooling pad on a angle.

1 X power supply 24 Vdc

8 x 5 mm x 50mm bolts and nuts




Wire cutters

Soldering iron

Electrical tape / wire connectors

Step 2: Cad/cam Files

the .crv files are for vectric cam, I have also added the cut files in .dxf there is only one file as all the cuts are the same other than for the fan cover.

I have added a .skb off a body for a laptop cooler it just needs a top made for it, I have added canals for the power wires.

I can add other file type if required.

Step 3: Putting It Together

1. make sure all the cut file`s are correct for fans used.

2. gather all required parts.

3. cut and clean up parts.

4. Put fans into the top or bottom mount it does not matter what mount they are put into first.

5. Drill hole through for the bolts when done put the other part on turn over and drill hole through other part.

6. Take one part back of wire up the fans to power supply making sure all safety is taken.

7. Assemble and test

Step 4: Todo`s

There are a couple of things left to do

1. add power switch.

2. add mesh over fans so my kids don`t put there fingers in the fans. (Decided to use Dragons instead )

3. Paint the hole thing so it looks good.

I will be updating as things get done

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea for a cooling laptop stand! Using old computer fans is a genius idea. Very well done.