DIY Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets Ideas!



Introduction: DIY Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets Ideas!

Today I will show you how to make these rhinestone bracelets! The two of them are perfect for spring  and very easy to make so let's get started!

For the first one you will need:
Some cord of your choice and a rhinestone chain piece

First, we're going to start by cutting three cords of 70 cm each and taping them down  to prevent moving.

Then, you will need to make some square knots. If you don't know how to make them click in this video where I explain it step-by-step.
I made 5 full square knots before placing the rhinestone chain. Then, just make another square knot making sure that you place the knot in the gap between the rhinestones. The first one can be a little bit tricky but once that's in place the other ones are really easy. Keep tying one full square knot in the gaps, and once you are finished with the chain make the same amount of square knots as in the beginning.

Then cut the side cords and secure the knot with some clear nail polish.

To make the closure tape down the two cords and start making some looser square knots with another cord. I also decided to glue the first and last rhinestones.
To finish the bracelet, tie two little knots to secure the closure.

For the second bracelet you will need:

Rubber cord, Suede rope, and a rhinestone chain.

Take the rubber cord, fold it in half and tape it to the table.
Then glue the rhinestone chain to the cord, this rhinestone chain has to be the size of your wrist.

Then take the suede rope and glue the end to the side of the rubber cord. Then, start wrapping the rope around the chain, just as I'm doing in the video. When you get to the end just go back and keep wrapping until you get to the start point. Cut the excess and secure it with some glue.

Finally, glue down a button to the end of the rope. As you see my chain was too small to fit my wrist, so I had to leave a bit of the rubber cord.

Thanks for watching!!

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