Introduction: DIY Sassy Manicure

DIY Manicures are SO underrated.
Yes, it might be a little messy at first, but here's a tip- Do you nails at night, a few hours before bed.
All that excess polish that strays to the skin on the sides of your nails will flake off in the sheets,
while you're doing the dishes, whatever. By noon the following day, you'll have a flawless DIY manicure to show off. Here's my latest manicure, with a how-to!

Step 1: Step One: Prep Your Nails

I have a lot of people asking me, "How do you get your polish to go on so smooth?!!"
Simple: TAKE CARE OF YOUR NAILS. Having a clean, smooth canvas to work on makes
a world of difference. Start by removing any old polish. Follow by moisturizing hands, and
rubbing some moisturizer into your cuticles. Push your cuticles back with a cuticle pen.
File your nails into whatever shape you desire.
Buff any ridges out of your nails with a nail block. Apply a nail treatment as a base coat.

Step 2: Paint Your Base Colour

Choose a colour from your collection, and apply to your nails.
If the colour is transparent after your first coat dries, apply another
and so on. Allow plenty of time for your base colour to dry before
moving forward.

Step 3:

For this manicure, I played with a crackle polish and my nail art pens. 
TIP: Use scotch tape to section off parts of your nail to apply different

Step 4: Complete Details

With my nail art pen, I applied a row of dots near the tip of the nail
of my pointing finger, some vertical lines on my ring finger, and a
random scatter of dots on my little finger.

Step 5: Top Coat

I used Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat to seal in my handywork

Step 6: Matte Top Coat

I then applied a matte top coat to remove any shine/gloss from the manicure.
I'm loving the matte finish.

Allow plenty of time for your manicure to dry before doing... anything.
You might think your nails are dry- they aren't. Allow at least an hour 
for your nails to settle before doing anything too rough with your hands.
(I suggest you pee BEFORE starting your manicure)