DIY Smartphone Tripod Mount/case

Introduction: DIY Smartphone Tripod Mount/case

In this project we're gona make acrylic phone tripod mount/caso for your smarphone. Better to watch the video for FULL TUTORIAL.

Step 1: Measurements

-Start with buying a plexi, I find my in the neighbour's trash so I pick it up and clean as much as possible.

-Then take your phone and measure it very precisely or it won't fit in the case.

-A better option is to look up your phone's specification on a google and write it down.

-Start drawing measurements on a plexi with waterproof marker, make it a bit bigger than original dimensions so you can sand it down precisely.

Step 2: Cutting and Putting Things Together

- I used my jigsaw to cut all pieces out.

- And don’t forget to use safety glasses.

- Try to cut slowly and accuracy, if you will go too fast, the plexi will melt and your cuts will be very bad.

- When you cut all pieces, try to smooth all the edges and corners of the rectangles or they won’t fit together later.

- The best option to remove marker from plexi is a sort of alcohol, because it won’t melt plastic such as acetone.

- I used hot glue gun to match all parts together.

- Try to do this step as quick as possible because you have a few seconds before the glue start to cool down.

- When the glue cool down remove left over glue on the case with x-acto knife.

- Smooth all the edges and corners of the case until they look very nice and non-sharp on touch.

- For extra smoothness I used sand paper type 100.

Step 3: Camera Hole

-Now we need to position where our camera holes is.

-I used 20 mm drill from stainless to cut a hole out.

-Do this gently because a lot of heat is produced when drilling and you don’t want to melt your case.

-Use dremel machine to enlarge hole for led, this is optional and I drill it just for aesthetics.

-Now we need a cutting mount to cut front plexi on a dimensions of our touch screen, do this slowly and carefully.

-I drilled 2 holes on the bottom of the case and cut two different threads for two different screws because not all tripods have the same thread.

Step 4: Finishing

-If you want to you can paint your case with your favourite color like I did, don’t forget do this in well-ventilated area.

-And there you have it. I record a few videos and they were so stabilized, they look like they were recorded from a professional camera. I made one from the wood for my younger brother and he was also impressed and the best thing is that I made all that for free.

Thank you for watching, please subscribe, like, comment and you can watch my second video where I built cassette tape to MP3 aux converter.

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