Introduction: DIY Soft-felt Record Platter-mat

I love listening to vinyl on my "mass-fi" Sanyo console stereo. It really not that bad of a stereo, lots of features, but the turntable, like other cheapos, is lacking. Instead of having a nice solid CLUNK when you tap it, the thin , plastic platter rings and vibrates.
Of course also this vibration also rears its head when your trying to play a lp with lots of upper-frequency noise. It was utterly terrible, and the hi-freq resonance was horrible! Bass was almost non-existant.

When I got tired of Ric Ocasek singing "Sssssssppp" on every "s" sound, I figured it was time to create a record mat!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need-

High-quality felt, you will only need two 1' by 1' pieces.

Nice, vibrant Sharpie

A pattern LP (DONT USE A GOOD ONE!!!)

SHarp Scissors

Step 2: Mark!

Take the record and lay it on your felt, trace the circumference of the LP.
While holding the LP in position, clearly mark the spindle hole onto the felt


Repeat step on another piece of felt to make a second "layer" of mat.

Step 3: Cut!

Cut the circumference of the marked line on both mats.

Spindle hole(s)

fold the mat in half through its line of symmetry, CAREFULLY cut a small "V" notch on the marked hole. MAKE SURE the cut is exactly centered on the mark, or you will have to do some major trimming!

Step 4: Place and LISTEN to the Improvement!!!

On any thin-plastic, mass-fi table, this WILL make an improvement in sound. I was totally amazed when I flipped one of my albums on the newly-deadened platter. The bass was tightened and more pronounced, and the hi-frequency resonance was cut down tremendously (not TOTALLY)

All in all, this cost me about 50 cents in material, and is one thing to do before you can afford a real, good, turntable. It suits me just fine for now!

Hope you enjoyed this, please rate and comment, feel free to ask questions!

I will be making a record clamp also to compliment this mat soon!