Introduction: DIY Super Budget Laptop Cooler

College kids are broke and so am I. I work my macbook down to the every byte it has. Today i decided to give it a helping had and try to keep it as cool as possible.

The total budget was just ender $10.00

Step 1: Materials You'll Need.

1. Shoebox
2. Male USB cord
3. Soldering iron + solder
4. Shrink wrap
5. Fan (Make Sure it is 5v. USB from a laptop only puts out 5v) We will be running the power off of USB.
6. Hobby Knife
7. Pen
8. Double Stick tape

Step 2: Prep Your Box

Lay the fan in the box
Trace the fan with your pen.

Since i want the fan to lay underneath the laptop were going to need to cut out the hole for the laptop, leaving the rounder corners still in tact.

Lay a scrap piece of paper on the laptop and trace out the "curve"

Now use your curve to trace out areas your going to "save" when you cut your hole.

You should end up with something like a box with inverted rounded edge.

Step 3: Prep Your Wires.

1. Take your USB cord and strip away 2-3 cm wire. Make sure not to cut the inside wires.
2. Cut off the excess shielding/
3. Usual the Red and Black wires are going to be POWER and GROUND so go ahead and cut any other wire out. You can test the wires with a volt meter, but its pretty universal system,
4. Go ahead and strip 2cm of the black and red wires.

5. Prep your fan RED and Black wires and strip the wires 2cm back.
6. Slip on your shrink wrap tube now to get a good finish later.
6. Now set up and your soldering iron. and solder the red to red, and black to black.
after everything has cooled. MOved your shrink wrap tube over the solder wires and heat up the tube.

Step 4: Finish Up the Box.

Take your shoebox, and adjust the height as needed. I cut down my box to, two inches,

1. Take a pen and punch a whole for your wires.
2. Take some double stick tape and place a good bit on each corner of the fan.
3. Place fan in box on double stick tape points.
4. Secure your wires to the box, ( use tape or anything small you can find)

Step 5: Test It Out.

Everything looks good.

Enjoy your cheapo USB powerd laptop cooler.