Introduction: DIY Tactical Water Bottle

this will show you how to make a water bottle with matches, a knife, and mini pliers. it has a rope strap.

Step 1: Supplies

you will need: duct tape, a water bottle, a box of matches, a pocket knife, about 6 feet of rope, and mini swiss-tech pliers.

Step 2: Adding a Band of Duct Tape

take the duct tape and wrap it around the middle of the water bottle once or twice.

Step 3: Adding the Pliers

take a three inch peice of duct tape and fold it like in the picture.then apply it to to the bottle using some duct tape. then take a small strip of duct tape and put it on the bottle like in the 3rd picture.

Step 4: Adding the Knife

take a square piece of duct tape and fold it in half like in the picture. then apply the strip to the bottle like in the other picture.

Step 5: Adding the Match Box

take a 6 inch peice of duct tape and fold it in half so its 3 inches. then cut it in half long ways. then attach it to the bottle with duct tape.

Step 6: Adding the Rope

tie a knot on the neck of the water bottle. then tie another knot towards the bottom of the bottle

Step 7: Use Your Tactical Water Bottle!

its all finished now!