Introduction: DIY the Wifi Wireless Switch to Work Under 5V

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As my last post referred that the Itead wifi switch is originally set to work under AC current(90V-265V). It is just suitable for home appliances. However, when consider to use it in electronic DIY,the current type is totally unsuitable. For example, if I want it to use with my mini robot, it is definitely impossible. If I can make it work under 5V, I think it would be very helpful for electronics enthusiasts.

So how to make it happen? I see the schematic and find out I can make it. Not just make it work under 5V, I can make it work under either 5V or 90V-265V! So encouraging! It is not very hard work, just a few steps and some small changes will achieve it.

So what we need to prepare for this DIY?

1. The wifi switch board

2.A welder

3.some cables(both black and red)

Ok, let's begin this DIY!

Step 1: Steps to DIY the WIFI Switch Board, Work With Robot Car

As you can see the original board, which I have drawn out the places to be designed. Follow below steps:

Step 1. Remove the two resistors from 1 to 2.

Step 2. Remove the black cable in 3 to 2, which makes this black cable and the red cable become one for signal output and one for signal input, each can be either signal output or signal input, they works both ways.

Step 3.Now solder a black cable in 5V area, which makes it a 5V power input port. And solder a black cable in GND to make it GND of 5V power supply. While the two cables at the lower right corner keep the same. The black one is for 90V-265V output while the red one is for 90V-265V power input.

Therefore you can choose to power it up at either 5V or 90-265V, it is up to you. Please see the picture how it become. If you are not a professional electrician, never try to make this DIY. You know, the AC current is very dangerous.

Ok, let's test the effect. I connect it with a Robot car, but just one wheel for testing this time. As you see from my video, I can control my robot car in 5V through the Itead wifi switch APP now. I can remote control ON/OFF or set timing tasks now. :)