Introduction: DIY Trellice Tower From Decorative Garden Fencing

A simple way to reuse or recycle some beat-up old garden fencing, or any other wire frame, is to turn it into a tower!

Step 1: Gather Materials

I grabbed a bunch of different styles of the same general type of fence. They're all made of steel or iron, painted green, and have concentric geometries (little semi-circular loop inside the big one), which will be important later. The more sections of fencing you have the larger a structure you can build.

Also pictured are some work gloves and a set of pliers, which you may want if the fence sections are really dirty or in particularly bad shape. The pliers are handy for bending the wire.

Step 2: Prepare the Fence Sections

Start by using the pliers to "repair" any broken spot welds by bending wires around where the weld once connected them. Straighten out as many of the kinks in the sections as you can.

Next, fold the top of the small, inner loop on each section out one way and the larger loop the other way. You'll only need to go about 30 degrees in each direction for now.

Step 3: Assemble the Tower!

The general idea is as follows: make a ring of the fence sections, place a second ring on top, and bend the small/inner loops around the base of the upper ring. Repeat until you run out of fence. Fold the large loops as needed for structural support and/or to make interesting shapes for the vines to grow on.

I grabbed 18 sections of fence, so I could have built a 6-ring-high tower of 3-rings, but opted instead to build a 6-5-4-3 pyramid with a  wide base. Assembling this structure was slightly more difficult than a simple tower, but the finished product serves the same purpose.