Introduction: DIY Vertical Stapler

It's strange how no one haven't thought of this simple yet useful idea. I have had this idea for a long time but a few days ago, I was stuck with exams. Basically, it's just a stapler that can stamp vertically, perfect for stamping books.

P.S: Sorry if my English is bad.

Step 1: What You Need

- 2 stapler (yes, 2 stapler for 1 stapler)
- Hack saw
- Epoxy (originally, I planned to use it, but i replace it with super glue because it doesn't take much pressure)

Step 2: The First Stapler

You only need the top part of the first one so cut the bottom away, the metal is quite soft so i can cut through easily.
After that, cut out the bottom-forming-piece.
You need to remove the plastic and sand down the edges with a sandstone

Step 3: The Second One

For the second one, you need to remove the middle piece so cut it off (after i cut it of, i discover that the stapler can not close completely. If you want to, don't cut away the bump on the middle piece (in picture))
After that, remove the plastic piece on the top (you can glue it back on when you finished) and cut a slot to fit the first stapler's head.
Glue the bottom piece so that when close the stapler it fits perfectly.

Step 4: Test It

Open and load your stapler.
I tried to stamp some piece of paper together and it works fine.

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