Introduction: DIY Your Own Pedometer With Seeed Xadow Products

Hello, there.

In this instructable I would like to introduce my own pedometer. I finish it within four days, it is simple but still funny.

In order to achieve the pedometer, I use 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer module to get acceleration value of walking and then process data to get the counts of step.

Now, I will make a detailed explanation about the steps of making a pedometer.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Only  three components are necessary, they are as follow:

1. Xadow Main Board
2. Xadow 3-Axis Accelerometer
3. Xadow OLED

Step 2: Software Design

I have spent a little time on researching the pedometer algorithm. In process of testing, I found that the accelerate value which axis is vertical to the ground have larger variation range when walking, so I write my code according to this idea.  Tt is fairly bad at first but better now. I upload my source code to the github and you can find it here. I expect to have more guys to help with updating this code :D

Step 3: How to Play With It

If you have built these modules and burned  the code, you can play with it now. Holding the pedometer with your hands and press the reset button, the step-counting will start. at first, it will wait for 5 seconds to make you ready, then, take your first step and pay attention to the counting of steps on OLED display, have fun!

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