Introduction: DIY1703 - JAZZ-UP YOUR SHIRT

About: I am a denim upcycler. I beautify flaws and brokenness of old jeans because I think being damaged shouldn’t be the end of the story, but something more like a cliffhanger for the next chapter. My aim is …

I really have a fix on men's shirts right now. I cut their sleeves and
take off the collar. Then I apply upcycled denim around the neck and hop a new blouse.


-Half a pair of jeans

-A shirt that have some kind of potential and need a bit of magic

-Our pattern

Step 1: Watch This Tutorial Video

Step 2: Find a Shirt That Have Some Kind of Potential and Need a Bit of Magic

Step 3: Remove Collar Following Neckline of the Shirt

Step 4: Go to My Website and Download the Pattern

Pattern is made for shirt size 16 1/2. You may have to adjust it slightly to fit the neckline of the shirt you are upcycling.

Then trace and cut fabric

Step 5: Overlay One of a Pieces at 1cm From B Edges and Sew a 1 Needles Stitch at 5mm From the Edges. Repeat Same Operation on Each Side.

Step 6: Overlay One of C Pieces at 1cm From D Edges and Sew a 1 Needles Stitch at 5mm From the Edges.

Step 7: Sew Both Shoulder Seam Front and Back Together at 1cm Seam Allowance.

Step 8: Pin the Full Applique on the Shirt

Step 9: Sew the Applique All Around Starting at Neckline at 3mm From Edge

Step 10: To Have a Nice Fray Effect Use Sand Paper to Fray the Edges

Step 11: Fix Back the First Button If Needed

Step 12: Wear It:) Share Your Project #denimupcycler