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Introduction: DIY/3D Printed Tripod

I started this project mainly as a proof-of-concept because i wanted to see if I could make one easily and cheap (if you own a 3D printer) because i wanted something big for a possible future photography project (camera crane). I also wanted this size conduit for a CNC I am planning to make. This is why I didn't glue any of the pieces.

I wanted to use supplies that would be easily accessible to a lot of people so i made it out of regular emt conduit. It probably would be a lot lighter if you use another metal like copper or aluminum, or even a smaller diameter conduit which i am thinking of designing. Please let me know if anybody is interested in a different diameter.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  • This project cost me about $20 for the supplies not including the 3D printed parts. Once again i chose to use this specific conduit because i wanted to be able to use it for another project which i might post later.

-Things you will need:

  • 10 - 3ft pieces of 3/4in emt conduit
  • 3 - 1ft pieces of 3/4in emt conduit
  • 3 - 1/4-20 3.5in screws
  • 6 - 1/4-20 2in screws
  • 4 - 1/4-20 1.5in screws
  • 10 - 1/4-20 lock nuts
  • 3 - 1/4-20 nuts


  • 3/4in rubber chair feet (very useful)
  • Adhesive - epoxy, hot glue, E6000 ect.. (I did not use any)


  • Drill
  • 1/4in drill bit
  • Wrenches that match the head of the screw and nut (mine are 11mm)
  • Files
  • Sand paper
  • Hacksaw

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts

  • Since I have a 3D printer i designed the bracket pieces so that i would't have to make them by hand. I will be uploading these to Thingiverse so that anybody can print their own.

If you don't have a printer and want to make one there are many services that will print them for you, i haven't checked the price for that so it might be a lot, considering the center top piece took me 7 hrs to print.

-Parts you will need

  • 1 - Part A
  • 1 - Part B
  • 3 - Part C
  • 3 - Part D
  • 3 - Part E


  • 2 - Drilling Helper (Will make hole drilling easier to align)

Parts -

Step 3: Assembly

  1. Put in the regular nuts on all three pieces of Part C
  2. Everything else will be using the lock nuts*
  3. Assemble the legs with three 3ft pieces of conduit and Part C and D. You could also use one of the feet and put it one the middle tube.Use the drilling templete to make holes on one end of the two side tubes(the template should be flush to the end of the tube), these should be on the top side, opposite to the rubber foot.
  4. Attach the legs to Part A with the 3in screws (make sure the big hole is facing down)
  5. Assemble the sliding center bracket with the 1ft pieces,use the drilling templates to make holes for the bolts on both sides(the template should be flush to the end of the tube). Put the two templates on each side making sure the holes are on the same sides and even by laying them on a flat surface to make sure the are not twisted.
  6. Stand up the tripod as evenly as possible then attach the sliding bracket, you can now use one of the 1.5in screws to attach a tripod head then insert the last 3ft tube with the last of the four feet at the bottom to cap it off.
  7. Insert the other three 1.5in screws into the knobs and insert the knobs into all the Part C's where the nuts where inserted
  8. Lastly you can choose to glue it if you are happy with how it turned out, you can also trim all the screws to fit flush.

Step 4: Final Comments

Well hopefully this wasn't too confusing, I will be uploading the 3D files to Thingiverse the day after i upload this, and please let me know if you would like the models for a different diameter tube.

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    3 years ago

    The center mast could use a piece of 1/4-20 threaded rod all the way to the top piece. Thanks for your design. I'm going to use it for lighting.


    Question 4 years ago

    Could you, please, share 3d model source files? I have only 20mm rods available so I'd like to modify your models for 20mm rods.


    5 years ago

    Hola, donde se puede encontrar para hacer el tenedor para instalar la base del pan de una grúa jimmyjib

    To make a jimmy jib crane in 3D


    6 years ago

    Now way! I've been wanting to make a 3D printed tripod for a really long time! I didn't know someone (You) on Instructables already made it


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yeah, I wanted a taller tripod and I wanted something others could potentially make so I made this which can be modified in whatever way you want(leg material, tripod head, size).


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice looking tripod! You might want to the fix spelling in your title ;)

    It would be great if you shared the print files too. I think people would really appreciate that! Such a nice, simple design. Well done.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the heads-up, and yes i am planning on posting them on today! They will be on my profile - Makerman16 -


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! You can also share .stl files right here onsite in the steps if you felt so inclined.