Introduction: DIYode Logo Necklace Made With Sugru

On a Wednesday in July DIYode got together for a collaborative build night using Sugru.
One of our members came up with this idea to make a DIYode necklace from a different colour of sugru then we had.

Step 1: Primary Colours

The first step is to make the sugru colour green that was needed.
Luckily we had blue and yellow sugru packs.
We want a darker green so we won't use the entire stick of yellow sugru. Take a 2/3 piece of the yellow and mix is with the entire stick of blue. You will have to knead it very well to get the colour to mix.

Step 2: Roll It.

Roll out the sugru so that it is a bit bigger then what is needed.
We rolled it out on plastic so it was easy to remove. We also rolled it out on some mesh to add a pattern to the backside of the necklace.

Step 3: Here's the Release.

After some trial and error we found that you can't just use a stamp on sugru. It is way too sticky!
So we used some talc powder as a release agent.
Spread the talc over the flattened sugru and also the stamp.

Step 4: Please Stamp Me.

Press the stamp firmly into the sugru. Try to pull it off straight up or the impression will be distorted.
Now wait about 30 minutes until the sugru firms up and then you can trim it to the shape you want.