Introduction: DJI Flamewheel LED Lamp

This project is a work for wing tip lights for DJI Flamewheel.

Used the materials:

  • PCB's 1 pcs
  • LED 13pcs (3mm TH)
  • Resistor (package 0603) 13pcs

You can use the following formula to determine the resistance value.


VCC= Supply Voltage

Vd= LED Voltage

Id= LED Current

Step 1:

Step 2: LED PCB's Production.

Download the GERBER file I shared in the attachment and make the production at a PCB manufacturer. (At this stage, I can offer you 10 production price will be 5USD.)

Step 3: Mounting

  • Solder SMD materials with soldering iron or hot air.
  • In the second stage, solder the LEDs with soldering iron.

Step 4: LED Flasher MOSFET Board for ARDUINO Nano

I have designed the mosfet card for the Arduino Nano to make the LEDs the flash features I want.

6 channel mosfet drive.

  • Arduino NANO 1pcs.
  • PCB 1pcs.
  • DTC114YUA 6pcs.
  • BSS84 6pcs.
  • 10K 0603 Resistor 6pcs.
  • 3x7 RA 2.54mm Header

(You can download the Gerber file from the attachment.)

Step 5:

And Final.

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