DJI Nazam V2 Drone

Introduction: DJI Nazam V2 Drone

This describes my process in building a drone using a DJI NAZAM V2 and with a F450 ARF kit from DJI.


- DJI Naza-M V2

- This will include the flight controller you will be using, a PMU unit, a GPS unit, as well as the various wiring you will need for the flight controller

- DJI Flame Wheel F450 ARF KIT

- This will include your ESC's, motors, frame, propellers, and various wiring

- FrSky Taranis Q X7 (Controller)

- FrSky X8R (Receiver)

- 3 cell LiPo battery

- 2 cell LiPo battery

- battery connectors compatible with your batteries

- Solder + Soldering Iron

- Heat shrink and lighter (or heat gun)

- Computer (Using Windows)

- 2mm Allen key

- Rubbing Alcohol (optional)

- Velcro and double sided adhesive

- Super glue

- Zipties

Step 1: Building the Drone

1) Unbox the DJI Naza-M V2 and Flame Wheel F450

2) Assemble the bottom of the drone

a) Take the orange and black box labelled "NAZA MULTIROTOR V2" and attach it to the middle of the bottom of (the larger piece of metal in the f450 kit with "+" and "-" signs on it) using double sided tape

b) Mount the black box labelled "PMU V2" behind the NAZA using double sided sticky tape (you can tell it is behind by looking at the arrow on the NAZA as seen in the picture)

c) Create the battery cable by using the included red and black wire in the Naza box

d) Solder the battery connecter to the wires (red is positive, black is negative)

e) Cover the solder point with heat shrink and use the lighter/heat gun to shrink the heat shrink

f) Using the soldering iron and solder take the red (positive) and black (negative) power cables on the PMU and solder the wires to the points shown in the picture, while you are soldering the PMU power cables now would also be a good time to solder the battery power cables included in the NAZA kit to the same spots on the bottom of the frame that you soldered the PMU cables to.

h) Plug the orange, brown, and red cable connected to the PMU into the connecter labeled "X3" on the NAZA

i) Stick the X8R on onto the bottom of the bottom of the frame so that the cable inputs are facing the middle of the frame and the antennas are facing the outside of the frame as seen in the photo

j) now take one of the twisted orange brown and red cables and plug it into the "SBUS" port on the X8R and the connector labelled "X2" (its next to the connecter labelled "X3" on the NAZA)

k) Plug the black cable on the PMU and plug it into the connector labelled EXP on the drone

3) Assemble the arms of the drone

a) using the solder and soldering iron attach the white (positive) and black (negative) cables on the ESC to the corresponding solder points on the bottom of the frame

b) Screw in the motors onto each arm using the larger screws in included in the F450 kit (all from F450 kit)

c) using zip ties attach the ESC to the arm and plug in each connector (order does not matter as of right now) **WHEN USING THE ZIP TIES MAKE SURE THE TWO RED ARMS ARE GOING TOWARDS THE FRONT OF THE DRONE (LOOK AT THE ARROW ON THE NAZA MENTIONED EARLIER)

d) repeat the previous 2 steps for each arm

e) repeat the previous stem for each arm

f) now take the small orange and black LED labelled "REMOTE LED" and stick it onto any one of the arms using double sided tape as seen in the photo

g) plug the cable connected to the LED into the connector labelled LED on the NAZA

h) take the white and black twisted wire on each of the ESC's and plug them into the NAZA ports labelled M1, M2, M3, and M4 make sure that motor 1 goes to M1, motor goes to M2 and so on. If the motors are spinning the wrong way when you arm the drone (you can tell by looking at the arrows on the drone) switch any two wires connecting the motors and the escs to swap the direction of spin

4) Assembly and extras

a) take the plastic white landing gear arms that are included in the F450 kit and the longer silver screws included in those and secure the arms to the bottom of the frame as seen in the picture, repeat this for all 4 arms

b) now take the top of the frame, put the battery connector through one of the holes in the frame from the F450 box and and using the small screws, screw on the top of the frame onto the arms of the drone. Leave the two screws indicated in the photo out of the frame for now

c) using the velcro, stick one side of it to the top of the frame and the other side onto the three cell LiPo battery

d) Now take the white and orange disk labelled "NAZA GNSS-COMPASS" from the NAZA box and assemble it using the included metal stick and mounts as seen in the photo (using some kind of glue is recommended for assembling this)

e) attach the compass with the attachments onto the space where the two holes that you left open earlier using two small screws as seen in the photo and plug in the compass into the port on the PMU labelled "GPS"

f) now you must install drivers onto the drone, follow this video and use your windows laptop

Step 2: Bind Your Taranis Q X7 to Your Drone

- connect your 2 cell LiPo battery into your controller and turn it on

- now press the button with three lines, press enter, press create model, now click page once

- now scroll until you see the "BND" function

- now skip to 4:04 in this video and follow it

Step 3: Trouble Shooting

If the motors are spinning the wrong way when you arm the drone (you can tell by looking at the arrows on the drone) switch any two wires connecting the motors and the escs to swap the direction of spin

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Nice job on your drone! Do you have a video showing it flying?