Introduction: DJI Phantom Case

A case to protect your DJI Phantom (or any 350 class quad) with its landing gears and carry it in a bag. I wanted it light, cheap and that can contain all accessories (except radio).

Step 1: Material

- 1 sheet of 6mm Coroplast : 80cm x 120cm

- 1 sheet of 1,5cm foam : 20cm x 40cm

- few cm of adhesive velcro tape

- 30cm of insulating tape

- 30cm of double-sided tape

- a cutter with a new blade

Step 2: Cut Pattern

Step 3: Assembly and Foam

I've only used double-sided tape to glue the foam and assembly small parts like blades hinges.

Step 4: Batteries, Blades and a Box for the Accessories