Introduction: DNA_Paper_vase

Required Materials

5"5 inch square Cardboard (as you wish for Size)

Magazine Paper



Glue Scissor

Paint (As you wish for color )

Step 1: Cut the Magazine Paper Into Long Pieces, the Width Is About 7cm

Cut the magazine paper into long pieces, the width is about 7cm

Step 2: Roll the Magazine Paper Into Tube

Roll the magazine paper into tube

Step 3: Apply Some Glue As the Images Show

Apply some glue as the images show

Step 4: Make More Tubes, the Amount Depends on How Big You Will Make the Vase.

Make more tubes, the amount depends on how big you will make the vase.

Step 5: Paste Paper on Card Board All the Directions

Paste Paper on Card Board all the Directions (Cut Two Paper Card board as same size)

Step 6: Stick 5 PAper STicks in All Corner As Given Picture

Stick 5 Paper Sticks in all Corner as given Picture

Step 7: Paste 2nd Cardboard & Paper on 1st

Paste 2nd Cardboard & Paper on 1st

Step 8: Start by 2 Sticks & Fold on Corners

Start by 2 Sticks & fold on Corners

Step 9: Start by 2 Sticks & Fold on Corners

Start by 2 Sticks & fold on Corners

Step 10: At the End of Stick Attach Other Sticks

At the end of stick attach other sticks

Step 11: Finally You Will See DNA Shape Like Given Picture

Finally you will see DNA Shape like given picture

Step 12: At the End CUT Paper Sticks Then Stick Them

At the end CUT paper sticks then stick them

Step 13: Then You May Paint As You Like, Like This ... :-)

Then you may Paint as you like, like this ... :-)

Thank You


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    Ooo so pretty, and such an awesome use for old newspaper! I love the DNA look of the vases, very nice job!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh Thank you so much , these kind of an appreciation only i am making like this .....