Introduction: DO NOT PICK IT ALARM

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so i decided to make a simple "dont pick it security alarm".by reading name of this project you may already know that i am as good as Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz when it comes to naming something.i designed a simple circuit (well its already in public)with something called latch system.

Step 1:

this is the list of parts i used

1. bc548 transistor bc547 will also work

2. resistor 6.8 k ohms

3. ldr 4. led 5. buzzer

6. breadboard(no need if you wanna make it on pcb )

7. wires

8. battery

9. one container box in this case tape inner shell (or whatever they call it)

10. thermocol i assembled all parts on a breadboard.

Step 2:

place the shell on the circuit then

put the thermocol over this container now power it up and see if circuit get triggered with the ambience light in my case it works

Step 3:

now the fun part...put your Favorite thing that you want to protect with this alarm. when someone try to pick it up the alarm will trigger in a latch mode...

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