Introduction: DODO Case Build Night

We got the DODO case with nearly nothing on it. We were amazed at its ability to convey a sense of virtual reality, but found that it was in dire need of some type of head strap, as holding it with our hands took away some of the feeling of looking around. In addition, we found that there were many things that we could improve upon in regards to comfort and better feel, and even make it more aesthetically .

Step 1: How We Did It

We took a long, strong rubber band and cut it making a long strand. We took the end of the band and connected it to a cut wire, and connected that to another rubber band, and wrapped it around a cork glued to the side of the DODO case. We then kept the rubber-bands from slipping off of the cork and the wire with zip-ties. Now that the head band was finished, we put it one, and realized the uncomfortable nose hold, thus we glued bubble wrap to it, adding comfort and stability to the nose hold. Then, we added decorations and random stuff to make it look cool.