DODO Case Fans Add-On

Introduction: DODO Case Fans Add-On

Looking to add that extra little touch to the Roller Coaster VR Apps with your DODO Case? Then try this simple fan add on to get the feeling like you are out there in the open, enjoying the wind blowing in your face as the Roller Coaster whips you around!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

- DODO Case

- Light weight paint stick (or any really light piece of wood will do, cut to your needs)

- 2 reclaimed fans from an old PC

- 2 x Bolt / Washer combos (preferably with a thin top so that it won't affect the fan movement)

- 2 x 9 volt batteries

- 9 volt battery connectors

- 2 x zip ties

- Electric Tape (or shrink tubing)

- Solder Gun and Solder

- Glue Gun

- Drill with a 9/64 Drill bit (depends on your Bolt / Washer size

Step 2: Prep the Fans

Take the fans and cut off the ends. You will only really need to use the Red and Black wires on your fan (as many will have extra wires, they are not needed).

When soldering, it's best to tin the wires so they solder together easy (if you need help soldering, there are far better places online to get advice than this instructable)

Proceed to connect the 9 volt battery connectors to the fans and then test them out with the 9 volt batter to make sure the connections are solid. Don't forget to use electric tape to cover the connections (or shrink tube if you have it).

Step 3: Drill Holes in the Fans and Stick

This part takes a little finessing. Take the bolt / washer you are wanting to use and find a good location where the bolt won't impede the fan. Proceed to drill the hole nice and slow to ensure no damage to the fan.

Flip the fan over and mark the stick where you want the bolt to go through, then drill that as well.

Step 4: Bolt the Fans to the Stick

Put the bolt through the fan, then through the stick and apply the washer. Tighten it so that it doesn't move easily, but enough so you can still adjust the fan back and forth for positioning.

Step 5: Glue the Stick to the DODO Case

Position the stick on top of the DODO case where you have the best coverage. Next, take a hot glue gun and connect it on the top where the flap connects with the Velcro. After testing, this came out as the best location to allow the case to still be held, while allowing the fans to blow unobstructed.

Step 6: Connect the Batteries

Connect the batteries to the stick using the zip ties. Once you have them nice and snug, you can plug in each one to fire up the fans.

Step 7: Time to Ride...

That's it, put in your phone and get ready to ride the coaster. Feel that wind whip through your hair and beat on your face... ok, so it's not that realistic, but it does add another dimension.

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