Introduction: DODO Case Headwrap With 3D Clip

Looking for another easy way to keep the DODO Case hands free? We've taken another approach with a simple Bungee Cord and a 3D printed clip.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

- DODO Case

- Bungee Cord

- 3D Printer

Attached is the STL file for printing the 3D clip.

*Note: We realize not everyone will have a 3D printer but as this Instructable Build night was done at the Tampa Hackerspace, we had access to this equipment. We hope you too might have a space like this near you!*

Step 2: Print the 3D Clip

Using the STL file we attached (or perhaps you have used another CAD program to do your own) you are ready to print. Just let the 3D printer now do the work and when it's complete, test it out. You may find you might have to do work with the piece a little (maybe an acetone vapor bath or the like) to get it to fit just snug in the coming steps.

Step 3: Connect the Bungee Cord

Take the hook on the Bungee cord and hook it around the front of the DODO Case. It fits best just behind the phone area flap. Hook it and then close the flap (keep in mind when you are ready, you will need to add your phone first).

Step 4: Time to Put It On

Take the DODO Case with the strap / clip and place it over your head. Get it to where it feels comfortable on your face, then slowly slide the clip up the strap. When you get it snug close to your head, you are good to go!

Enjoy your DODO Case hands free!

*Note: Keep in mind, if your strap is sliding, you may want to print out another clip and use them together at the same time.*