Introduction: DODO Case Intro @ TechShop in Chandler, AZ

This is the materials you will be using for the DODO Case.

-DODO case cardboard cutout

-DODO NFC strip

-2 Acrylic lens

-2 double-sided tape

-1 magnet with magnetic ring

-4 velcro strips

Step 1: DODO Case Step 1

1. Place the NFC strips at the designated area.

2. Stick the velcro on the designated area.

Step 2: DODO Case Step 2

1. place the adhesive tape slightly offset with the circle.

2. place the acrylic lens in the hole, the curve side should be facing the onside label on the glass.

Step 3: DODO Case Step 3

1. place the double_sided on the designated area.

2. fold part B's together and place the magnet (not the ring) in the hole.

Step 4: DODO Case Step 4

1. Fold the cardboard and close the flap.

2. Enjoy

Step 5: DODO Case Step 5 (optional)

1. you can decorate your DODO case anyway you want.