DODO Case Step 1

Introduction: DODO Case Step 1

You want to make sure you get the measurements of the DODO Case to build the working prototype of a better protection case for the original DODO case To protect it so if you drop it its going to be like a life proof case but for the DODO case.

Step 1: DODO Case Sketch Step 2

The first thing you have to do after you put the DODO Case together you want to start a prewrite sketch so you can have a visual idea of what you are going to do with the build and what you are going to make better in the technology you already have.

Step 2: DODO Case Step 3

After the sketch you did you want to build a working prototype to see how the case will fit over the original DODO case and if it fits you are one step closer to the final product then you want to start up on the final case for the DODO case.

Step 3: DODO Case Step 4

The final product will allow you not to worry about you phone or anything to fall out when you are walking around or bumping into people or get sick and just dropping it it will save your phones life.

Step 4: DOD Case Step 5

This is a final product for the DODO case its like a life proof case but for a gaming devices its the one thing you always wanted to work so you wont be so scared when you drop it and your like crying because you thought you broke it no worry's no more the life proof is out now!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome. I'd suggest setting the last image with the glitter as the main image for this instructable!