DODOcase - Glasses Modification - Build Night

Introduction: DODOcase - Glasses Modification - Build Night

Last month the Dover Public Library hosted an Instructables' Build Night. Our patrons were able to come in and build their own DODOcase, a Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. Our task was to think of modifications to make the viewer even better! Certain reality games require a controller. After a small discussion our participants agreed it would be great if the DODOcase had something that allowed it to be hands free. One solution was to attach a head strap, another was to try and attach ear bands like you would see on eyeglasses.

We decided to use the 3D printer to create the arms that could be attached to the outside of the case. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to watch kids and teens enthusiastically using these devices. Thank you Instructables for allowing us to put on this event!

You Will Need:

  • 1 - DODOcase
  • 2 - arms for eye glasses (We downloaded an ear piece file from and used our 3D Printer to create them).
  • Wood Glue

Step 1: Measure and Mark

Hold the DODOcase up to your face as if you were using it. Place the ear piece against the case and have a friend mark where the piece sits on the case. Measure and then mark the other side.

Step 2: Attach the Pieces

Using a pencil, draw a line marking where the ear piece should sit on the viewer. Apply a small coating of glue to the surface of the plastic. The library's 3D printer uses a PLA plastic. We found that wood glue works best to adhere it to a cardboard surface. Hold firmly for a few minutes. Once you're sure the piece won't move, let go and allow the glue to completely dry.

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