Introduction: DODOcase VR Kit Leather Mod

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The Eureka! Factory was very happy to get a spot in the October Instructables Build Night with DODOcase, and we used the opportunity to do the build project at the amazing Land O'Lakes Branch Library in Pasco, FL. LOL Library (and yes, they have LOL cats - they're called library catalogs! ) is a ground breaking and precedent setting library in several respects, starting with the fact that they have an amazingly active Teen Advisory Board responsible for Rockus Maximus, a hugely successful Battle of the Bands; Lamecon, an immensely popular Anime convention; and the Edgar Allan Ohms, the onlyFIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team in the country based at a public library. And they're creating a makerspace at the library, to boot.

LOL is used to doing things big, colorfully and creatively, so bringing an Instructables Build Night to the library was a natural fit. We hosted the build with the Edgar Allan Ohms, during their weekly meeting. After seeing the short instructional video and learning a bit about how DIY virtual reality kits work, they dug right into the DODOcase kits with enthusiasm.

Then we started kicking around some ideas for customizing look and functionality. The Leather Mod is the first of three Instructables we'll be posting from our build night. The idea here is basically just a whimsical mock up of an old steroscope . The leather "skin" gives the cardboard kit a nicer feel and the chain and old hardware bling it up a bit, for fun.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • DODOcase VR Kit
  • Somebody to build it (about 20 high school students did the trick nicely)
  • Leather (inexpensive Naugahyde in this case)
  • Scissors
  • Miscellaneous odds and ends
  • Glue (super or Gorilla - Gorilla can leave white blobs)
  • Binder clips
  • Smartphone (must be gyroscope equipped to work, we discovered - old Moto G and Virgin Mobile Androids didn't work)

Step 2: Assemble Your VR Kit

We assembled in teams of two, which made for a great team building exercise!

DODOcase VR Kit Instruction Video from DODOcase on Vimeo.

Step 3: Make a VR Kit Leather Pattern

I considered doing this before assembling the VR viewer, but there are some extra flaps that get in the way, so it was easier to create the pattern after the kit was assembled.

Just trace the outline of the viewer, making sure to include the camera slot and leave sufficient material on both sides.

In this case, I kept enough material on the right, and then rotated the viewer onto its left side to create the full pattern.

You'll need to also have a slot for the magnet on the left side of the viewer.

Step 4: Cut Out Pattern

The magnet hole proved a little challenging, and in retrospect, I'd probably unfold the left side of the viewer to measure it out better, but by guess and by gosh worked too.

Step 5: Glue and Clamp Leather to Viewer

I used a light bead of Gorilla glue, moistening the edges of the leather first, before applying the glue, very lightly. Clamp as you . I used binder clips, folding over the top of the viewer to make sure there was enough play in the leather covering for opening and closing the top flap.

Allow the glue to dry for at least 30 minutes before removing the binder clips.

Step 6: Bling It Out!

Have at it! You don't want to make your viewer too heavy and it's probably a good idea to limit the use of magnetic metals on it, especially near the magnet. But you can use buttons, and an assortment of other odds and ends to customize your viewer. Glue and let dry.

Step 7: Optional - Add a Handle!

For that throwback look to old stereoscopes and opera glasses, consider adding a handle. It's comfortable to hold and if you're going to look like a geek wearing a box on your face, you might as well go big.

Have fun!

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