DODOcase VR Viewer With Adjustable Headstrap

Introduction: DODOcase VR Viewer With Adjustable Headstrap

Market research at a nearby school showed that most students thought the DODOcase Virtual Reality viewer would be better if they didn't have to hold cardboard up to their faces! The following steps outline our solution to this.

Step 1: Personalize the VR Viewer Before Assembly

Take your DODOcase Virtual Reality viewer out of its packaging and spray paint it (or decorate it how you want!) before you assemble it.

When you take the DODOcase parts out of the package, take out only the cardboard components; and proceed to spray paint them the color of your choice. If you want to add pin stripes or other creative detailing using different colors, allow the first coat to dry first! If you want to create small specks of a particular color, hold the spray-paint can far away from the VR viewer and let a little bit of paint fall onto the cardboard. Let it dry completely before the next step.

Step 2: DODOcase VR Viewer Assembly

After the cardboard has completely dried, follow the provided instructions to assemble your DODOcase Virtual Reality viewer.

Step 3: Select a Headband Material

Find a strap to use as a headband. We used a string that stretches a little bit so the headband could stretch to fit different head sizes. Cut the string to fit around your head and leave some extra room so that it can attach to the sides of the DODOcase.

Step 4: Attach Velcro

Add your own Velcro to the side of the DODOcase VR viewer without the magnet (as shown in the picture). The Velcro we used is self-adhesive; so no hot glue or super glue were necessary. We did use a hot glue gun to glue the other side of the Velcro to our strap. Cut a strip of Velcro to the size that you need.

Step 5: Finish Attaching the Headband

Hot glue other side of string inside the panel with the magnet (the B panel).

Step 6: Add Padding for Your Comfort!

We removed the padding from a Santa hat, cut it down to size, and hot glued it to the nose area and above the forehead. You might also consider gluing some padding onto the sides where the sides of your face would be.

Step 7: Done!

Download the Cardboard app (not available on the iPhone) or any other virtual reality app on your Android or Apple smart phone, put your phone in your new and improved DODOcase Virtual Reality viewer, and have fun!

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