DODOcase VR Viewer With Helmet

Introduction: DODOcase VR Viewer With Helmet

We had a blast with our DODOcase virtual reality viewer, but wanted to make something more pleasant to use. Our purpose for this Instructable is to show you how to go from making the basic DODOcase VR viewer to mounting it comfortably on a bike helmet for a more relaxed user experience.

Step 1: Assemble DODOcase

When you receive the Dodo Case VR Cardboard Toolkit, follow the directions provided to assemble your virtual reality viewer (VR viewer). You will end up with a simple, yet remarkably clever, VR viewer.

Step 2: Find a Bike Helmet to Use

This VR viewer works well with a compatible smart phone after you download a virtual reality app; but we didn't want to physically hold the VR viewer to our face all the time; so we decided to attach a bike helmet to the VR viewer. The helmet holds two purposes: 1) it will keep your head from getting pounded by exterior harm, and 2) it will fix the problem of being forced to hold the glasses to your face.

Step 3: Give Your Helmet Some Swag!

Before we attached the VR viewer to the helmet we asked ourselves, "Why just have a boring colored virtual reality glasses and bike helmet when we can color them?" We accomplished this with common spray paint. We used purple as a base color, then applied some red and dark blue for our detail colors. The end result was a very "interesting color pattern," to say the least!

Step 4: Connect the VR Viewer to the Helmet

After we decorated the VR viewer helmet device, we connected them together with very simple materials one may easily find at home or a local hardware store. We found an old backpack that wasn't being used and cut the straps off of it. Then we used hot glue to attach two Velcro strips from the top of the bike helmet to the top of the virtual reality viewer. This allowed the helmet to be a one-size-fits-all, and gave us flexibility in how we sized the helmet to fit different people.

Step 5: Voilà!

We'd love any comments you have to offer, so long as they're constructive and helpful. Thanks for reading our first Instructable!

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