Introduction: DOG HOUSE

Im getting a golden retriever soon, it was found placed in a box and left in an alley when it was only a week old. It also had an injuried eye, but is expected to recover, I decided to name the dog after my favorite football player Maurice Jones Drew, who's nick name is Mojo, becase hes on my favorite team the Jaguars, and because hes a fighter, under sized (5'7") and runs over the bigger players, The pup is a fighter by surviving what happened to it.

I decided Id make the dog a suitable dog house :)

Step 1:

I had a lot of old wood in my yard I decided to use, so first I cut some 2 x 4's to make the frame of the floor, then I cut some boards to go across. I nailed and screwed the wood together, then I filled in some cracks with liquid nails.

Step 2:

next I took a break from the wood work and made the name plate. I took some thin metal and cut it into the shape of a dog bone. Then added some tape to it because i wanted some strikes of cool on the bone.

I painted the bone black, with teal and gold lines, since thats the jaguars team colors, and then added the nail with white, pretty simple stuff

Step 3:

Then I painted the floor.

next I used some old plywood and cut out the side walls, front and back of the house. I measured the top of the house to be about 3 feet, and the back to be the same, then I made the walls about 42 in long, and just a little shorter than the front and back sides

after I cut them  I attached the back side

I then painted the walls because I decided it would be easier to paint them in the style I wanted to if they were not attached

Next I attached all the walls on

Step 4:

next I added the front of the house, I put a frame around the door, and painted it to counter the wall. then I added it to the front.

I then used dog ear fence panels and attached them to the tops of the front and back. then I put panels acrossed the roof until the met at the very top.

after that I put on the name plate, and added a porch roof.

Then it was just some more painting and touch ups, such as filling in all cracks with liquid nails, and thats it. took about 2 - 3 days to complete, and I only paid about 40 dollars because I had most the wood