Introduction: DP2 - Da Pimp 2 Assembly Instructions

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DP2 is a extremely portable battery tester / desulfator / charger. These are the instructions for assembling a DP2 kit. Kits or fully assembled units are available for sale through the Holy Scrap Store. More up to date information is available on the DP2 Page.

Step 1: Open the Enclosure

Step 2: Cut Open the Components Bag

Step 3: Empty Bag Contents

Step 4: ​Place and Solder 28 Pin DIP Socket [U1]

Note:The small impression must be near the right edge of the circuit board.

Step 5: Attach the Fuse Holders to the Fuse

Step 6: Place and Solder the Fuse [F1]

Step 7: Cover the 2-pin Jumper Headers With Their White Covers

Step 8: Place and Solder the Jumpers [J2, J3]

Step 9: Place and Solder 7 Segement Display [D1]

Step 10: Place and Solder DC Barrel Jack [CONN1]

Step 11: Place and Solder AC Power Cord Receptacle [CONN2]

Step 12: Place and Solder Decoupling Capacitors [C4, C5]

Note:Orient the minus sign on capacitors to the bottom of the circuit board

Step 13: Place and Solder the Bridge Rectifier [U3]

Note:Orient the + sign towards the top of the circuit board

Step 14: Place and Solder 300 Ohm Resistors [R1, R2, R3]

Step 15: Place and Solder 25k Ohm Resistor [R4]

Step 16: Place and Solder 470 Ohm Resistor [R5]

Step 17: Squeeze Your Microcontroller Leads to Fit the IC Socket [U1]

Note: I like to hold the chip at a slight angle and gently press the leads in

Step 18: This Is the Amount of Curve You Are Looking for on the Leads.

Step 19: Place the Microcontroller Into the DIP 28 Socket [U1]

Note:The small divot in the chip should be facing the right side of the board

Step 20: Place and Solder the 7805 5v Regulator [U2]

Note:Orient the text side towards the lower circuit board

Step 21: Step 21: Place and Solder the 9v Protection Diode [D2]

Note:Orient the black line on the diode to match the silkscreen (left side)

Step 22: Place and Solder the Slide Switch [S1]

Step 23: Place and Solder Large Charge Capacitors [C1, C2, C3]

Step 24: Place and Solder Large Black Rocker Switch [S2]

Note:Match the 0 / 1 orientation on the silkscreen.

Step 25: Clip Battery Lead to 2" in Length. Twist and Tin the Leads.

Step 26: Solder 9v Battery Cap

Note:Left is negative (black), Right is positive (red) as the silkscreen indicates.

Step 27: Nsert Assembled PCB Into Enclosure

Note:Align cable plug holes then press hard on opposite side of PCB for secure fit. It will be a little uneven as the retailer I've been buying enclosures from has changed models

Step 28: Connect 9v Battery